Knoxville Christian Counseling

The Fight of Your Life

There are 3 Big Battles in the fight of your life. There is a battle over your identity, your lifestyle, and your marriage. We think¬†this is so important that we want to help you win the fight of your life. What are you fighting… marriage problems, career difficulties, alcohol or drug problems, resentments, or the meaning of it all?

The fight of your life can be overwhelming. You look at the problems you’re facing with anxiety, depression, alcoholism, lying, cheating, mistrust and resentment and feel overwhelmed. When we are overwhelmed we get stuck and we struggle with the fight of our lives.

At Leadershop, we want to help you have a life you love filled with purpose and meaning. Your identity, lifestyle, and marriage are central to this process. Do not take on your most important fight alone, it could cost you everything. We offer individual, marriage, and alcohol/drug counseling tailor made for you.

Marriage Counseling

We help couples restore and revitalize their marriages. Marriage counseling can help you survive infidelity, resentments, or addiction and become connected like never before.

Alcohol & Drug Counseling

We help people break free from alcohol and drug problems while establishing recovery in their daily life. A & D counseling can enhance your whole life at any stage of recovery.

Individual Counseling & Coaching

We help people go beyond problems to live the life they love with passion and purpose. Counseling can make a difference in you, so that you can make the difference only you can make.

Scope of Practice

The fight of your life can cost you everything. Whether you are dealing with depression, anxiety, recovery, pain, addiction, infidelity, alcoholism, or resentment, mistrust, deception, shame, or the meaning of it all, there is help. Become a contender even if you don’t feel like it, we can help you win the fight of your life.