Toxic Exposure

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Toxic Exposure


I spent the last 15 years working for a local law enforcement agency. I was hired to provide counseling services to criminal offenders inside the jail. This environment is extremely toxic. It gets all over you and it changes you. It contaminates you with evil. Offenders would lie, cheat, steal, and victimize others. They had addictions to alcohol, drugs, and many other problems that burdened their souls. The people who work with offenders have a strong sense of right and wrong, they want to help people, and they are unprepared to deal with the toxic and evil contamination that occurs each and every day in a jail setting. I was aware of the toxic effects and became a victim just the same. How does this infection show itself?

• I became angry and short tempered
• I came to believe that threats were ever present and I was in danger
• I came to see people who disagreed with me as a threat
• I couldn’t relax, or play, everything was always serious
• I had few friends beyond family
• I wanted to shut down and isolate in my cave

There is more but you get the idea. I saw all of these changes as the price to be paid. The cause of helping people, leadership, progress, and success require sacrifices. I spent 7 years working to be promoted and an additional 7 to become Director. “Leadership” told me time and again that I was going to be promoted. When the opportunity came, instead of being promoted, they lied to me and played games. I was broken and desperate. My soul was damaged, my family was suffering from years of toxicity, and my faith was shaken. I needed the damage that had been done to my family and myself to be healed. I needed rehab from the Wonderful Counselor.

For months, a specific business was in my mind. It came to me in a dream. I prayed over this and decided that the summer of 2014 would be spent with my kids. I would learn to play and relate to them like never before. God willing, I was going to reclaim what was broken and be restored. Daddy Bootcamp© was born.

Daddy Bootcamp© 2014 is a life changing experience based on a few key beliefs:
• God is in control
• God is good to his children
• I follow His leadership
• My family follows me
• Structure is necessary

Daddy Bootcamp© involves turning daily activities into lessons for personal growth and relational development. These activities are a two way learning process. I don’t know if I am the teacher or the student. I know for a fact that I have the responsibility to lead no matter how messed up I have been or how bad things have gotten. Below is a daily agenda to give you an idea of our activities. In the coming weeks I will post about things we are doing, learning, and how we are being changed by the Wonderful Counselor. I will explain how we communicate with Headquarters, prepare meals, deal with chores, play, and do a host of other challenges.

Daily Agenda (example)
0700 Wake up and Daily Living Tasks
0730 Communicate with HQ
0830 Chow
0900 Clean Kitchen and other chores
1000 Gym (kids play racquetball or basketball while I lift)
1100 Gym (swimming)
1230 Chow
1300 Clean Kitchen
1330 School and Work
1430 Free Play
1830 Chow
1900 Clean Kitchen

This was two years ago.  Things are much better and I can say that God is good and faithful.  I am a changed man.  Much of the detox has taken place.  I have not arrived but I am on my way.  At Leadershop I work to provide Christian Counseling and Coaching to other people in the fight of their lives.  We have developed some useful tools for helping couples and families grow together.  If you are interested in knowing more about counseling or coaching for your family or small group please contact Todd Davis at Leadershop Ministries.

Author: Todd Davis, PhD, MFT, LADC

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