Recovery Is A Team Effort

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Recovery Is A Team Effort

“Recovery is the most selfish thing you will ever do.” You either love or hate this saying.  I want to respond by saying, “there is no “I” in recovery but addiction has two of them”.

People see how active addiction is selfish. They feel guilt, shame, and condemnation for it. As they enter recovery the time spent on recovery knowledge, skills, and activities can feel self centered like getting high was self centered. This leads a lot of people in early recovery to ask some important questions about time management, sacrifices, expectations, etc. It also creates a thought that recovery is done alone. This thought simply isn’t true.  People who experience long lasting recovery take a team approach.  Do you have the right people on your team?

Recovery is a team effort. For those who are highly motivated and independent, a measure of sobriety can be obtained alone. This exceptional person may be able to reach a year without using at which point the rugged individualism begins to breakdown. The do it yourself (DIY) mentality only works for so long before exhaustion takes over. You can’t go it alone for long. The importance of a quality team is true in recovery as much as it is in sports and business. Success depends on the team we have assembled around us. Recovery is a team effort and it takes 5 types of people to be successful.

Five people you need for recovery

The Specialist

The specialist is someone who teaches things. In order to learn something one must dedicate some time to the new task at hand. This may take minutes, days, weeks, or months. The specialist teaches strategies and skills to deal with a variety of obstacles. They correct errors in how to do things and make sure ones skills are progressing properly. The Specialist helps you know the score so you can win the game.

The Influencer

The influencer is someone who cuts through trivial stuff to that which is most important. They clarify purpose, goals, passionate causes, and motives. They plant these ideas like tiny seeds that grow up to be strong values and concepts. To do this they upset the status quo. Without some shaking, you will be too complacent for your own good, the order of your life will remain unchanged. The influencer will refocus your energy, define next steps and point you in the right direction.

The Friend

The friend is someone who can rejoice with you in good times and cry with you through the bad. This person is on your side. They have a connection and when you are with them you feel a sense of belonging. They keep you from getting too extreme. This person will help you enjoy life through the ups and downs of it all.

The Workhorse

The workhorse is a person who mirrors your demographics and proves that what you are trying to accomplish can be done. They are just slightly ahead of you, working hard, day after day to achieve something. Just observing them is enough to spark a fire in your soul. This person causes you to raise your standards. They cause you to ignore your lame excuses and get to work.

The Resource

The resource is a person or two who knows a lot about a lot. They help you see many options and think through decisions from various angles. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the relationship and help you learn, grow, and decide for yourself what action to take. This person helps one realize that there is wisdom in many counselors.

Team Effort

Many people in recovery use a variety or resources to help them get going. As you think about what you need to win at recovery, think about how these 5 types of people form your recovery team. If you can’t identify these 5 people in your life then you need to expand your team. There is no “I” in recovery.

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Author: Todd Davis, PhD, MFT, LADC

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