Counseling In A Storm

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Shit Storm

Counseling In A Storm

When people come to me they are in a furious storm of life.  Things are usually so bad it really is the fight of their lives.  People have some tools that have worked in the past but don’t seem to be as useful as they once were.  Let me illustrate with a life lesson that took 10 years to be written into my heart.

Many years ago we were in a boat club. We got together with other boaters who loved to hang out on the river. We were river rats to be sure. The club was meeting near Chattanooga, TN to enjoy some of the best scenery God ever made. The plan was to raft up in the main channel not too far from downtown Chattanooga. Rafting up is when a bunch of boats tie up together, drop anchor, and start their own private Margarittaville. A friend of mine, Tim, was pulling out a 5 gallon bucket with concrete and a river anchor for his 22ft boat. I had a 20 pound mushroom anchor. Tim laughed and said don’t bother putting that out it will not hold. The current is too strong. I put my tiny anchor away and trusted that the other boats with very large river anchors and buckets of concrete would do the job of holding us in place. It was 5 o’clock somewhere.

10 years later we were in Florida at the beach, not far from Port St. Joe. The weather was horrible. The wind was coming in at the wrong angle creating stormy seas and rip tides that are uncharacteristic for that area. After a couple days of this we were stir crazy and headed for town. As we passed Windward Beach there were some 30-40 foot boats anchored in the ocean. They were pointed into the wind and riding the swells up and down. Their anchors were holding fast. I imagined how big and strong the anchor must be to hold in such a storm.

Eventually we found our way into Bluewater Outriggers. I was thrilled to see fishing gear, hunting and shooting supplies, and tshirts all in one place. I looked up and saw a quote on the wall.

“To know the strength of your anchor you’ve got to feel the fury of the storm.”

If your life has been like the gentle current of a secluded cove on the beautiful Tennessee river then a 20 pound mushroom anchor will hold. But if you are facing something stronger then that little mushroom anchor just won’t do.

What is your tiny anchor? Most people trust in something they can control or manipulate. Alcohol, drugs, sex, and being angry top the list, but as we all know these are temporary. When the storm goes on and on these just wont do.

Strong Anchors

Will you trust in your tiny anchor’s strength or will you look beyond yourself? God took 10 years to teach me a lesson of the heart. My faith and understanding were small. My storms up to that point were so small that I thought I could just dance in the rain. As the problems in my life grew more intense my faith grew. I learned to trust Jesus as my anchor. The Bible says Jesus is an anchor for our souls (Hebrews 6:19). The world is full of dark storms and God is a holy sanctuary in the midst of them. Jesus anchors our soul to God. I want you to see a spiritual truth here. We live in a world of storms. In this life you will have troubles. If pain and suffering have not been to your door just sit tight and know that it is coming for you. And when it does you will have a choice to make. You can look to yourself and what you can do to weather the storm or you can trust another. The picture of those boats riding the waves is an example of how God wants us to face the storms of life.

  1. We should face them head on.
  2. We should face them knowing that Jesus is our anchor.
  3. We should face them trusting that Jesus will hold.

Given the recent killings of Christians I have confidence that no one wants to be a Christian for the business contacts or social benefits any more. Its not something to do because its expected. The days of cultural Christianity are over. Christians have been crucified in Syria and executed in Oregon. Gun legislation and the 2nd Amendment are just 20 pound anchors in a furious storm. How does your anchor hold?

If you are looking for a group to talk about these kinds of issues and how to grow in faith contact or call 865-384-4864.  Leadershop provides Christian Counseling and Life Coaching for people in the fight of their lives.

Author: Todd Davis, PhD, MFT, LADC

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