How To Get Recovery and Addiction Help

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How to Get Recovery and Addiction Help


There are many possibilities for recovery and addiction help.

There are many possibilities for how to get recovery and addiction help. What’s right for you depends on you. Here are some simply ways to think more clearly about recovery.

There are many approaches to recovery that attempt to explain why addiction happens, how to recovery from it, and what you can do next. They can be organized into frameworks on genetic, metabolic, conditioning, and adaptation theories. At the end of all this information there are still 3 requirements for recovery.

Requirements for Recovery

  1. Stop Using
  2. Stay Drug/Alcohol Free
  3. Live the life you love
 There are many levels of service available to help you achieve these 3 critical elements of recovery.

Levels of Recovery Services

Early Intervention Services
Outpatient Services
Intensive Outpatient Services
Partial Hospitalization Services
Residential Services
Inpatient Services
Medically Managed Intensive Inpatient Services
With so many possibilities how to get recovery and addiction help can seem overwhelming. Let’s keep it simple. You probably want 3 things; a life you love, less drug or alcohol use, and an easy way to get there. Here is the problem, it’s not easy.  The first hurdle is an internal fight over what you believe. If you are like most people you have conflicting desires. You can ignore desires for a time but they resurface and demand to be dealt with. Some desires should be encouraged and others should be starved to death. Sometimes addiction doesn’t make sense and you need help.

Getting Help Right Where You Are

At Leadershop we focus on getting you to believe in the possibility of recovery and then we work on living a life you love, stopping addiction, and staying free. We think the best way to do this is in the midst of daily life.
There is a great story in the bible for this in Numbers 13:1-33. Moses is leading the decendants of Israel around the wilderness. They are wandering, without a homeland, or a sense of belonging. The Lord tells Moses to send men to explore the land which He is giving to the Israelites.  Twelve tribal leaders are chosen and for 40 days they explore the land and gather intelligence.  Upon return, they give a factual report of their findings.  Taking the land will be a daunting task. All 12 men agree it will be difficult.  However, Caleb believes in the promise and says “let us go at once and occupy it, for we are well able to overcome it”.
Caleb believes in a future of promise. He believes there is more for him and his people than wandering around the desert. Caleb recognizes the opportunity to move forward, and he believes they are able to overcome.

Simplifying Recovery and Addiction Help

Let’s simplify how to get recovery and addiction help. In this story 12 spies went out to assess the possibilities. They all saw an overwhelming task. As you look forward to recovery you will do the same thing. You will scout out the territory, develop a factual report, and then you will be one who says “it can’t be done”, or “now is the time and I am able to overcome it”.
Your belief will go ahead of you. At Leadershop we can help you come to believe.  These are overwhelming tasks but with some help and encouragement you can stop using, build a life you love and stay that way. We think getting recovery and addiction help is simplest when you believe first.
Leadershop’s approach to recovery is about winning the fight of your life in the midst of daily life. We will work with you and stay with you through the process. Most of our clients have an intense meeting schedule the first month and gradually reduce sessions as their life changes and recovery becomes more stable. With progress , face to face sessions are reduced and coaching contact through phone, email and text increases to ensure long term recovery habits.

What recovery approach are you looking for?

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Author: Todd Davis, PhD, MFT, LADC

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