Change Begins with Personal Leadership

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Change Begins with Personal Leadership.

At Leadershop we have dedicated this season to Personal Leadership Development. Before I get carried away with interesting bits and pieces I wanted to give a brief outline of what personal leadership is and what it entails. We want to reach those men and women who are stuck between what you think you can accomplish and your current reality. The way forward, is to begin developing your personal leadership.
Everyone Can Lead

What is Personal Leadership?

Personal leadership is your unique identity influencing others and changing the world.  How unique are you? What are you capable of? Do you have limitations? How would you describe your strengths? How well can you perform without supervision? The answers to these types of questions flow from who you are. Personal leadership begins with you.

Leadership Emergence

There is still a myth that leaders are born, that there are some who are leaders and some who are to be led. This sets up justification for the abuse of power. This idea needs to be overturned. Jesus calls people sheep. If you are like me, this is a revolting idea. You don’t want to be a sheep. Sheep have no leadership within the herd. Sheep consistently get themselves into trouble and require help to get out of it. Our natural state is like sheep and we need a Shepherd. Jesus, is sometimes called the Good Shepherd. When you accept this you immediately begin to see Leadership emerge.

The following principles bring clarity to Personal Leadership and the process of Leadership Emergence.

  • God establishes your identity
  • Influence flows from who you are
  • Leadership is influence
  • Changing the world is ministry
  • Your ministry flows from your identity
  • Your ministry authority comes from experiences with God

Where is the apple when it is just a seed? Where is the oak tree when it is just an acorn? Where is the man when he is just a boy? Where is the woman when she is just a girl? The mature identity is built in by The Maker. The purpose is build in by The Creator. Healthy growth and development are shaped by a number of factors as life is experienced. Reaching full potential requires training and discipline. Imagine how your view of self changes as you discover these principles and how they apply to you specifically.

Leadership Development

Leadership development begins with your ability to take care of yourself and stay on mission. Leadership grows into larger circles of influence as you mature.  The biblical pattern begins with training and discipline as young people, continues in marriage and expands to public activities like work and community. Leadership development is a lifetime journey but the first stages are critical to success. It is easy to become stuck in the questions and insecurities that a young leader faces.

Personal Leadership Coaching

When we do counseling and coaching at Leadershop we recognize how problems can serve several functions. Problems can be tests that reveal areas where we need to learn and grow. Problems test our resolve, grow our faith, establish our loyalty, and they reveal our hearts desires. Problems are required for growth and development. Problem also pose a real danger to us.
We see this playing out in marriage and the family. If you are interested in living for Christ, then you will learn  to love your spouse and family like Jesus.  Some days I am concerned that this will kill me and other days I know this is exactly the point. Less of me and more of Him.
Addiction, marriage problems, emotional difficulties are critical issues we deal with and refer to them as “The Fight of Your Life” but we must also include this: In order for Jesus to increase, I must decrease. This is the heart of personal leadership, aligning your identity with your destiny and acting it out with integrity.
In the coming weeks Leadershop will post information to grow your personal leadership. We will be doing this on Youtube, Facebook, and so be looking for it. If you are interested in accelerating your personal leadership contact us for individual coaching. Don’t let another season, or semester go by without understanding what you are made for and how to leverage that to change the world.
Author: Todd Davis, PhD, MFT, LADC

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