How to Afford the Cost of Counseling

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How to Afford the Cost of Counseling

This blog provides information on the cost of counseling, how to make it affordable, and get the most out of it.

The Cost of Counseling

When you are contemplating counseling it is standard to ask about costs. I get 3-5 email requests per day that simply ask, “How much do you charge for counseling?”
Let me tell you, I dread this question. I would need a solid 30 minutes to properly answer this question and by the time I finished you would have way more answer than you really wanted. What most people want is to know if counseling is affordable for them. The answer is yes. The cost of counseling is affordable.

Counseling is Affordable

According to therapy can run between $50 and $150/session and in some metro areas twice that price. They go on to explain why it costs what it does and list several ways to help you save money and get the service you need. The main point is this; getting help is affordable when you get the right help, at the right time, in the right way. This makes cost questions hard to answer. Are you looking for the right help, at the right time, and in the right way?

What does it cost for services at Leadershop?

At Leadershop we offer counseling and coaching so there are some variations in costs. Online coaching and groups are a great way to reduce costs and still get help. Individual and marriage counseling are much more intense and are priced accordingly. So the cost for services at Leadershop depends on the issue and the client. Every situation is different and should be handled accordingly. Having said this, we profiled our clients and found some helpful data.

The Typical Client

Our typical client is seeking help with their marriage and someone in the marriage has an issue with drugs, alcohol, or pornography.  Our other clients have an issue with drugs, alcohol or porn and while addressing this work on their marriage. This leads to a list of unique circumstances and goals.
Our typical client is seeking help in a crisis and trying to work through their issues in the midst of daily life. Goals accomplished included: surviving crisis, building a life they wanted, restoring their marriage, stopping drug use, staying stopped, building intimacy, accepting their spouse, learning when, if, and how to talk about problems, how to be friends, becoming spiritually alive, trusting again, and more. All of this describes a journey through several stages of change and growth including Crisis Reduction, Corrective Care, and Wellness Care. Here is what a typical counseling journey looks like:
  • 9 months of care
  • 14 sessions
  • 1.5 sessions per month
  • In person, email, phone, and text services
  • $36/wk

Saving Money on Counseling

Here are some ways to make counseling and coaching affordable for almost any budget and not put yourself at risk.

Crisis Cost Money

Crisis cost money. If you are in an intense marital, drug, or alcohol crisis it will cost more to get through the crisis than it would if you were stable and needed less intense services to improve your life. If you really want to save money get help sooner rather than later. Seek help when problems are small and haven’t been around long.  If your problems have been around a long time already, waiting longer will not help.

Don’t pay for Unnecessary Services

Many agencies have programs designed to help people through common problems. Unfortunately, this may mean you get services you don’t need. A single male doesn’t need a class, module, or session on rehab for mommies. Likewise, you may not need to leave your job to get free from alcohol or drugs like some inpatient services necessitate. Office based services are more flexible and can begin whenever you are ready.

Don’t pay for The Right Service at the Wrong Time

Another form of unnecessary services, that cost extra, is buying the right service at the wrong time. Marriage enrichment seminars, and retreats are inspirational and educational. They serve a function for marriage wellness, but if your marriage is in a crisis it is the wrong time for this type of service. Spending money on the right service at the wrong time is costly.

Don’t Prepay for Services

Insurance is the only product where you create a middleman in an effort to save money.  Economics dictate removing the middleman to save money. We think buying insurance for services is such a bad idea that we don’t take it. But, if you buy insurance, see to it that you are buying the coverage you need for the problems you need fixed, and have a service provider you can use. There are people with insurance coverage who can’t find a service provider in their region, and are forced to go out of network. This increases the cost of counseling so avoid it if possible.

Don’t Drop Out

The number one thing that costs people extra is dropping out of counseling before they reach their goal. They start counseling because the crisis is so intense that something has to change. Once that motivator is gone they drift back to life as normal and drop out of counseling. A few months pass and another crisis comes along. At this point they either spend the money on Crisis Reduction again or conclude that counseling doesn’t work. In either case they spent money with no results. Cost of counseling is more affordable if you stick with it.

Don’t Misuse Sessions

Misusing sessions is another way to increase the costs. When a client schedules and reschedules, is late, or unprepared for a session it decreases effectiveness.  Less effective sessions requires additional sessions.  The worst misuse is a no call no show appointment. This results in being charged for the missed appointment and could lead to a refusal of services, which means starting all over with another therapist or coach. Make the most of each and every session.

Don’t Cheap Out

Money saving tips are wonderful and I love saving money but discount therapy, counseling, or coaching sounds about as good as doing your own surgery. There are things in life you don’t skimp on.  Some services are truly an investment.  You will get what you focus on. Our typical client has invested the better part of a year and $150 a month for the life they really want to live. We think this is a tremendous value.

Decide What You Want

The best way to afford counseling or coaching is to spend some time identifying your goals. Everything in your life is there because you made time and space for it. The things you really want like connection, trust, intimacy, freedom from addiction, and peace only take a little space. Decide what you want, set specific goals, and give it space. When something is important we give it space in our schedule, wallet, our mind, and actions. If you need help deciding what you want that’s okay it’s one of the main reasons people see a counselor.

Investing for Your Future

For the price of Taco Tuesday for Two you can afford the cost of counseling. Stop letting problems steal from you. Make an investment in your future. What is your future worth to you? What is the future you want worth to you? It is important to invest time contemplating a future focus because you’re going to spend the rest of your life there. When you think about it like this you find a way to afford it. Invest in your future.
What are you willing to invest for
  • Your future
  • Your goals
  • Your purpose
  • Your mission
  • Your family
  • Your marriage
  • Your health
  • Your wellbeing
  • Your freedom

Affordable Counseling

While your situation is unique and will require services tailor made for you, counseling is affordable when you use the guidelines we provided here.  At Leadershop we want to help you win the fight of your life. If you would like to talk with someone about your situation and the costs associated with counseling or coaching call Leadershop at 865.384.4864.

Author: Todd Davis, PhD, MFT, LADC

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