New Services Now Available

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New Services Now Available

Low Cost Counseling

Group Counseling & Coaching

We Have New Services Now Available

Leadershop is pleased to offer group counseling and coaching. These new services are now available to help you win the fight of your life. Get unstuck and build the life you love in a dynamic small group setting. What is it that you need from life this year? Is there something you have wanted the past few years but failed to make significant progress on? This is your year.

Group Counseling Coaching Offers Many Benefits

There are many benefits to joining a group. Group counseling and coaching offers shared experience, diverse insights, motivation, social support, skill development, and a great value. At Leadershop we have three group offerings to help people win the fight of their lives. The big battles over personal leadership, addiction recovery, and marriage are very common. Most people experience a need for support and encouragement in building the life they love. The life you love includes confidence, self management, purpose, meaning, freedom, love, and connection. What group interests you?

Group Coaching & Counseling

Powerful Change Agents

Personal Leadership Group

Our Personal Leadership Group offers a supportive and encouraging atmosphere to learn, grow, and accomplish your purpose and passion. Personal leadership deals with knowledge, skills, and attitudes that make up the basic building blocks of success. Develop your character through powerful group coaching and accountability and finish school, learn a trade, change careers, start a business, and build a team that can help you do it. Learn how to make your next step in life a reality. You will leave each session motivated to build the life you love.

Moderate Drinking Support Group

Did you know that almost 100% of drinkers have lost control at one time or another. And did you know that almost every “alcoholic” had to test whether or not moderation was possible before accepting total abstinence? At Leadershop our goal is to help you find the freedom you need to live the life you love. Our Moderate Drinking Support Group offers people the opportunity to really work on managing drinking effectively. This small group offers support and encouragement to alter your approach to alcohol. For many people moderation is possible and effective in reducing the risks associate with heavy drinking. Learn moderation techniques, how to implement them, and evaluate your control/lack of control over alcohol. This is a necessary and effective step that can help you win the fight of your life.

Marriage Enrichment Support Group

Every marriage has problems. Anyone saying it isn’t so or acting like their marriage is perfect is a liar. At Leadershop, we believe getting real is a great way to build the life you love. Married people struggle. This group inspires modern Christian couples to build the relationship they love in the midst of real life issues. Get real about marriage issues in ways you never talk about in church. It’s an effective way to enhance/improve your marriage by dealing with communication, money, sex, frustrations, and how to build the life you love with your spouse. The group is a great way to learn how to make marriage work.

Special Offer No Sign Up Fee

To celebrate these exciting new services we have a special offer. We are waiving the $100 sign up fee. Without the sign up fee you can get started with group counseling and coaching for $20. This offer ends March 1st.

Regular Group Pricing

Sign Up Fee $100 + $20/session.

How Do I Get Started?

Getting started is easy. Send me an email.

Once we hear from you one of our Leaders will set up a private call to discuss how you can build the life you love while your living it.

Author: Todd Davis, PhD, MFT, LADC

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