How to Endure Tough Times

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How to Endure Tough Times

One of the key skills for personal leadership is how to endure a tough situation or season. This blog will illustrate some fundamentals of personal leadership and how you can endure problems.

enduring problems

How to Endure Tough Times

Have you ever wondered why you have certain problems?

Are you wondering why problems seem to be all around you? Do you wonder why there is so much pain in life? Is your preference to make the pain go away?

Blame doesn’t help

Blame doesn’t help you endure. Below is a list of ways we explain tough times, perhaps you have heard or said these before.
It’s your fault.
It’s his or her fault.
It’s God’s fault
It’s the Devil’s fault.

What should I do about this?

There is also lots of advice floating around out there.
Give it to God
Change your thinking
Do something different
Act as if
Let it go
Cope better

What might happen if we stopped blaming?

We could spend time breaking each of these down for the insights it would produce but let’s get real for a moment. Have you ever considered that the problems you face, and especially the ones you face over and over again, are in your life for a reason? Seriously. Have you considered it? What IF problems serve a purpose in your life?
There is a story in the bible about God delivering the Hebrews out of Egypt and into a land of their own. The land the people are going to inhabit is occupied. The Hebrews send out scouts to see what they are heading into. Upon return, the spies report a land filled with giants. This fills the people with fear. But God says to them, I will send the giants away a little bit at a time so the land will not be over run by wild animals.  At this time, the most dangerous animals in the area were lions and they organize in what we call a pride. The giants evidently had become skilled lion hunters.
This would be so easy to skip over and miss. God wants his people to go into a land filled with giants and organized lions. God knows stuff. He knows stuff we don’t know. God knows his people are better off facing a few giants than being over run by lions. This group of people that God was bringing out of slavery were not skilled hunters. They were goat ranchers, farmers, and laborers. Not skilled hunters. Not warriors. Not statesmen. These people needed a lot of training to realize the vision God had given them. To be His People.

What kind of training were they going to get?

Personal leadership training and transformation. By leaving some giants in the land, the people cannot be overcome by a pride. They must grow to trust God in every way. The first lesson of personal leadership is to embrace challenges as opportunities. Consider this, if you ask for the problem to be removed and it is still there, you must begin to see it as a learning opportunity. You must embrace the fact that you are in a pain filled and humbling experience for your own good.
It doesn’t matter if you are 10 or 70, when you go through something bigger than you, it humbles you. If you live to tell the story it will go something like this….
Thank you God for moving some of the giants out of my way. For this I am thankful. I know that only you could have done it. I also want to thank you for leaving some giants behind. They kept me from being over run by pride. Living in the midst of a retreating army made me trust in your provision each and every day. Thank you for supplying all that I need. You know what is best for me. I now realize how great your love for me really is.

Take another look at your problem.

Think about this, Jesus died to set you free. But if you are struggling with something and you cannot get free it might mean you are better off with it. His grace is sufficient. Put His purpose over your pain.
If you or a loved one is struggling with a problem that just won’t go away then counseling or coaching can be a big help. Consider Leadershop Ministries for support in the fight of your life.
Author: Todd Davis, PhD, MFT, LADC

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