Grow Your Leadership Skills

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Leadershop Ministries is looking for partnerships to grow your leadership skills.

Grow Your Leadership Skills

Make the difference that only you can make.

What’s your gift to the world?

Our vision has two parts, first we help people win the fight of their lives and then we help them make a difference in the world that only they can make.


As a counselor and coach I have a host of skills for counseling. I started Leadershop to reach people with adult rated difficulties like addiction, marriage problems, and personal issues.


When I started looking for opportunities to serve and make a difference I found the volunteer opportunities outside of my scope. I can swing a hammer, load a truck, or landscape a nursing home but that isn’t coming from my gift to the world. My life has had its share of hardships all of which were ugly, messy, and carried an adult rating. There were times when I couldn’t even talk about stuff without using the F bomb. What I needed was a place to get down to business, a person I connected with and respected, along with an atmosphere of privacy.  When I was ready to help others I wanted to do something significant that connected with who I am and my experience. The opportunities I found didn’t fit.

Do you have a talent that could make a difference in the world?

Leadershop Ministries needs help developing and growing as a nonprofit. To do this we need professional skill sets. If you are an attorney, a business person, marketer, accountant, a policy administrator, web developer, or fundraiser you may find our volunteer opportunities well suited to your special talent. Maybe you are just starting in your field and need some good experience to grow your portfolio and leadership skills. That’s okay too. Either way, we need your help achieving critical stages in our organizations development.


For example, Bo wants to help people tell their story through video. We want to inspire others and smash stigma associated with counseling. Bo uses his videography skills to capture these stories so that we can inspire others. Here is a link to one example that reached over 700 people. This project was so exciting that Bo joined our board to help direct our ministry story.


As you can see, Leadershop is all about winning the fight of your life so that you can make a difference that only you can make. We think this is what leadership is all about. Grow your leadership skills with us.

Are you inspired?

Let’s talk about how you can make a difference. Contact us at

Author: Todd Davis, PhD, MFT, LADC

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