New Moderation Support Group Starting

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Moderate Drinking Support Group Starting

Are you looking for a group to help you with a drinking problem?

Have you tried to cut back or control your drinking without reliable success?

Are you tired of failed attempts and need a little help?

New Moderation Group

Moderate Drinking Support Group

Moderate drinking is a taboo subject in some circles; but the research on recovery is clear. Efforts to moderate drinking are possible for some and necessary for others. Moderate drinking can reduce the risks associated with heavy drinking. If you are experiencing alcohol problems and want to know if moderation can work for you, consider moderation management. Find out if you can in fact moderate your drinking OR you cannot. Either way, you will learn what direction you need to take.

I know what it’s like to repeat failures over and over trying to make a simple behavior change. It can be very discouraging. Support groups are a great way to try counseling and coaching. Below is a list of benefits reported from our last group.

Benefits of Moderate Drinking Support Group

  • Use teamwork to solve problems and inspire motivation
  • Learn moderation techniques, hacks, and skills
  • Experience community support and encouragement
  • Reduce risks associated with heavy drinking
  • Implement moderation techniques into your daily life
  • Evaluate your control/lack of control over alcohol
  • Quit doing what doesn’t work and do something different
  • Experience the value of counseling/coaching
  • Great value $30/session

Next Steps

Group space is limited. Participants are required to complete a confidential screening interview for compatibility. To be considered please email and put “Moderation” in the subject line. Todd Davis will personally contact you to discuss your unique situation.

Visit our website at to learn more.
Author: Todd Davis, PhD, MFT, LADC

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