September is National Recovery Month

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Join The Voices for Recovery

r is for national recovery month

2019 is the 30 year anniversary of National Recovery Month. Leadershop Ministries is celebrating with a daily blog post. Please join us by following along, engaging in the discussions, and making 5 minutes of recovery a part of your daily life.

Recovery is For Everyone

Let’s start the month by making sure everyone understands. Recovery is for everyone.

It is a common notion to think recovery is only for addicts or alcoholics. This misconception leaves us wanting and needing much more. When only addicts or alcoholics participate in recovery it means family, friends, and community don’t get their own restoration. We are all connected, so when one of us has a problem we all have a problem.

Recovery is…

  • returning to a normal state of health, mind, or strength
  • the action or process of regaining control of something lost or stolen
  • the action of securing or regaining compensation for ones losses
  • an act of taking possession of a dropped ball
  • a stroke in which the ball is hit from the rough back into the fairway
  • a return to a position of power
  • the process of removing or extracting an energy source for use, reuse or waste treatment
  • turning to face the truth

These definitions really help break away from the idea that recovery is exclusive to addiction. It also notes just how action oriented it is. Recovery is returning, acting, gaining, securing, taking, positioning, a process, and a turning.

Together We Are Stronger

When we all take action to recover from the toll of addiction we are stronger. We become stronger individually, and collectively. Please join us this month as we explore 5 minutes of recovery all month long.

5 Minutes of Recovery

Let’s take 5 minutes to work on recovery by answering a couple questions. This is not a thought exercise where you think of a number of possibilities. Recovery requires more from us. Be as honest as you can and write down the answer as clearly as possible.

What has happened in your life from which you need a full recovery?

Are there specific areas where you have settled for a partial recovery?

If you moved toward full recovery this month, what benefits might you and your loved ones begin to experience?

Author: Todd Davis, PhD, MFT, LADC

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