5 Minute Recovery: Getting Connected

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Today’s post will look at the great con of addiction and how corrective getting connected can be in 5 minute recovery.

I hope you did yesterdays 5 Minute Recovery: Self Assessment. To recap, a self assessment is a process of looking at yourself and assessing important aspects of who you are relative to an objective standard. You may have perceived a disconnect as you did the exercise yesterday because you don’t know what to think about all the stuff whirling around you. That’s ok. Keep noticing.

The Hook Up

In college, I drove a 1967 Buick Skylark GS, my favorite car. It was a wreck. The speedometer, gas gauge, and odometer didn’t work. While driving, the gas gauge would read full until it was almost empty and then it would drop straight to empty.

Photo shows wrecked Buick on its last leg. Took more than 5 minute recovery getting connected
My favorite car before, after, and before some wrecks.

I traveled many states in that car through big urban cities like St Louis, Chicago, Minneapolis, and Memphis. There were many country roads in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Arkansas, Kentucky, and Tennessee that I went through at all hours of the night. In my mind, I kept a running estimate of mileage, and when I got too anxious that I would run out of gas, I stopped to fill up.

After years and years of this, I had the car in for some service work and the tech asked if I wanted him to hook up the gauges? And just like that, my gauges were getting connected. It took 5 minutes.

I was grateful for the hook up and felt a little ashamed that I didn’t get the connection I needed sooner. I had always thought fixing it would cost too much and take too long. So I made do with what I had. It would have saved a lot of unnecessary stress and heartache if I had not settled for the illusion my dashboard gave me.

The Con of Addiction

Addiction has a way of making you think everything is awesome when in fact it is not. The great con of addiction is how it deceives you. It uses the darkness of others to show you in a better light. As a result you measure yourself relative to the faults of others which makes us think we are doing better than we truly are.  We think things like, “at least I’m not as bad as they are.” This is like driving down the highway and thinking you’re doing great because the driver next to you is almost out of gas.

The relativity of darkness is not a standard to live by it’s an illusion that will kill you. When you are deceived you need the truth to correct what has become distorted. 

You can’t know truth when you are disconnected from God. To know God you must be connected directly. Through this connection we learn of his objective standards. We learn what is expected of us and how we can live in freedom. The way to God is through the connection offered by Jesus. He is the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6).

People in Recovery Get Connected

Recovery is an intentional activity in which we seek truth instead of illusion. Getting connected spiritually brings light into our dark world. Please don’t make this complicated. Do you want to hook up your gauges or not? If you draw near to God, then He will draw near to you (James 4:8). It takes 5 minutes and you can do it in the midst of daily life.

5 Minute Recovery Getting Connected

When you want to connect with someone you begin a conversation. You set aside some time and you give them a call. It takes 5 minutes to connect. This conversation needs to be done in private. No one should be able to hear you, see you, or know what you are doing. Without privacy you will edit your conversation essentially making it disingenuous. And everyone knows you can’t start a real relationship under false pretenses. I suggest you identify your desperate need and then call out to God. Be real and have an authentic conversation. Tell Him you feel disconnected. Surrender and cease your opposition toward Him. Ask that He make himself known to you personally. Finally, ask for a sign that the connection is real, permanent, and makes a difference in your daily life.


Deception and darkness of addiction distort life. We can’t keep thinking we are ok because the guy next to us is worse off than we are. 5 Minute recovery gets us connected to truth which restore us. In recovery we depend on this connection to live as we were always meant to do.

Author: Todd Davis, PhD, MFT, LADC

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