5 Minute Recovery: Finding Joy

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People in recovery know joy but it didn’t start that way. In today’s blog we are going to look at finding joy in 5 minutes of recovery. It is my hope that you can see an example of it and begin to cultivate joy personally.

Joy Defined

Joy As a Jar of Light
Joy is an inner delight

Joy is a feeling of inner gladness, or delight. It should not be confused with happiness as this is contingent on the situation. Joy is a feeling based on spiritual realities independent of moods, emotions, station in life, or circumstances. When does joy occur? How does it happen and from where does it originate? Not long ago these were some very deep questions for which I needed real and lasting answers. 

People touched by addiction are not naturally joyful. They’re more naturally inclined toward depression, anxiety, or fear. For this reason my practice focuses on helping marriages touched by addiction. Once joy is understood we can concern ourselves with finding and cultivating a real and enduring sense of it. Joy is most likely to occur where we feel belonging and acceptance. In the relationships where these conditions exist we begin experiencing the excitement of getting to be together. 

the excitement of being together with friends is joyful
Joy occurs where we are accepted as we are

Disconnected During a Storm

A few weeks ago a thunderstorm was fast approaching as I drove into the driveway. I wanted to rush into the house before I got caught up in the storm. As soon as I opened my car door the neighbors dog stuck her nose in, This had never happened before. She was obviously afraid to be outside in thunder and lightning and wanted to be with her people. She ran to her front porch and cried. Then she ran back to me. I knocked on the door to return her to her people but they were not home. With the storm overhead, I brought her inside and found out that her people had accidentally left her outside when they went to the store. She got lots of love and support from me and my family while the storm blew over.

Early recovery is a difficult place because identity is still rooted in addictive culture for acceptance and belonging. But as time goes by, recovery must establish relationships where we are excited to get together, accept, and support one another.

5 Minute Recovery: Finding Joy

Today’s five minute recovery is to watch this 90 second video about joy and answer these questions: 

I think this dog is saying, “Yeah! I get to be with my people.”

Just imagine what it would be like, being greeted by someone with such joy because they get to spend time with you…

…at the end of a difficult day

…when you feel totally defeated and taken advantage of

…when you have been knocked down from the worries of life

…after doing that thing you said you wouldn’t do anymore

…after getting those test results

Just imagine ways you can be that person for someone today…

Author: Todd Davis, PhD, MFT, LADC

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