Big Changes Impacting Church, Missions, and Discipleship.

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Churches are empty and going through a transformation.

The American Church is Dead

The old ways of thinking about church and evangelism that try to attract people to church services are no longer relevant. These models try to attract people to the faith like an amusement park attracts people to family fun. But Six Flags over Jesus has no demand in a culture that hates God, His people, and His ways. Attracting people to church is simply unsustainable in a culture that is hostile towards it. The church marketing machine can’t sell to a population that is disgusted by the church. But the Kingdom of God must advance and the opportunity is emerging like never before. 

The Opportunity of Covid 19

For several weeks churches have been asked to stop assembling in groups in light of Covid 19 social distancing. This may be one of the greatest opportunities the church has seen in the modern era. Over the next few months there will be changes in the delivery of church content, the responsibility of individual believers, and the advance of the Kingdom.

The Delivery of Church

We have already seen thousands of churches make adjustments to deliver sermons, music, and bible studies online. This trend will continue and will reshape corporate gatherings, missions, and discipleship for years to come. 

Changes for Individual Believers

Individual believers will have the opportunity to invest in their own spiritual growth and development. They will seek out spiritual sustenance and find spiritual food like never before. Responsibility will shift from Pastors to individual believers. They will be compelled to love others well. The heartache, pain, and suffering is already increasing and these people will be stepping into that with love and compassion. This group will be the ambassadors who reach the culture. They will be known by their love. The power of Holy Spirit will be working through them.

Some individuals will face a crisis of faith. Since they will not be getting spoon fed spiritual milk, they will either feed themselves or fall away from christian activities. 

The Advance of the Kingdom

The structures of modern church are no longer an impediment to being the church in a world full of need. The church building is empty and with it the expectation of bringing your hurting neighbor to meet the pastor, hear a sermon, and wonder why you sing songs. The kingdom of God will advance as individual believers respond to loving their neighbors.  

Love Your Neighbor

We can change our neighbors life. The old paradigm says you can change your neighbors life, your city, and the world by educating people about God through christian activities. The time has come to be tactical. Look at the needs, the pain, the suffering and, if given permission, do something helpful. This is how to actually change a life, a city, and the world. It’s respectful. It values human life and it is what Jesus told us to do.

Tactical Church Has Begun

As a Christian, therapist, and life coach my skill set is strategically helping people at the point of their pain. I think this is the primary method of evangelism during the Covid 19 pandemic and the long term future we face. The tactical church will operate strategically, responding to the pain and suffering our neighbors have and loving like Jesus in those moments. It will require maturing believers who know their identity in Christ, and can share how God has loved them through tough times. Tactical church is an advance of God’s kingdom in daily life. The Tactical Christian is being deployed right now, it is time to rise up.

7 Things A Tactical Christian Will Do…

  • Read the bible and think about what God is saying
  • Have talks with God and listen to His response
  • Follow Jesus wherever he leads in the power of Holy Spirit
  • Let God transform their pain into praise
  • Find purpose by connecting their transformation to serving others
  • Share their story of the Living God
  • Invite people to let God transform their pain
Author: Todd Davis, PhD, MFT, LADC

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