Value Centered Life: What’s Your Blueprint?

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Since “this whole thing” began we have all struggled to accept the changes and felt the forces of change pushing against our values. Everything seems reorganized around Covid 19. For example if you value education you found the closing of schools very distressing, if traditions are a high value then you were concerned about the cancellation of social events like graduation, July 4th fireworks, or funerals. Perhaps you value financial security and have concerns about financial stability, currency replacement, or the economy.  If you valued church then you were disturbed by the closing of church gatherings. These have been difficult times and it seems that no matter what you valued as a central focus of your life you have been challenged.

By examining your value centered life you can understand your reactions to current events, regain control, and assert power over your daily activities.

The blueprint for a  pandemic has been in development for years. Anyone with responsibility knows you have to look to the future and plan for threats against your family, marriage, business, economic stability, ministry, or national security.  To do anything else would be irresponsible.

In 2019 the World Economic Forum conducted a simulation for dealing with a corona virus pandemic. First Responders and government agencies have practiced for crisis events for years so that is not new or conspiratorial.

This image is noted as a transformative map and interestingly Covid 19 is at the center. Covid 19 is not a value but survival and belonging are. According to the World Economic Forum there is an appeal to survival and belonging to motivate support for a range of issues like reinventing capitalism, reshaping higher education, and other issues beyond Covid 19. I have included a couple links to illustrate what they are calling “The Great Reset”.

What’s your blueprint?

The Covid 19 transformative map is not the only blueprint we have access to when structuring and shaping our lives. The World Economic Forum is not the only power seeking to organize or define our identity and existence.

Most of us have been creating a blueprint for living for a long time. It’s a mixture of things from many sources. As we diagram our lives our highest values find their way to the center. This organizing power shapes how we think, talk, act, relate, make decisions, and structure our society.  This organizing power is so central that it defines our identity and our very existence.

I know that all of this feels out of control, overwhelming, and uncertain. It seems like Covid 19 has taken over everything in our lives and we have no control over how we choose to live. But this is not the whole story. You do have choice, power, and freedom. So it is worth considering the blueprint you are following for your value centered life and how that is shaping your identity and lifestyle.

What values have you organized your life around?

If you are interested in talking about these challenges, how you manage yourself, or how to lead in all of this I would love to hear from you.

Author: Todd Davis, PhD, MFT, LADC

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