Join Us

You can support Leadershop Ministries through prayer, referrals, financial support, and partnerships.

Without these supporting activities our ministry will be limited to how many people we can help and what kind of impact we can have.  

Our goals this year include:

  • Helping You WIN the Fight of Your Life
  • Publishing helpful resources
  • Establishing partners and raising financial support
  • Inspiring men to lead with the love of Christ, stay salty, and fight for their families
  • Raise sponsorship fees in excess of $10,000 to serve 10 people in need
  • We hope that our services are so helpful that people thank God for them

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray that struggling marriages would seek and find resources they need
  • Pray that those who are addicted would find freedom and the help they need
  • Pray that those in life transitions would find their identity, direction, and purpose
  • Pray that Leadershop would have God’s blessing and favor upon it

Partnership Opportunities:

We are seeking partners for the following project(s): 

  • Partner with Leadershop to host a workshop at your church or organization and help others win the fight of their lives
  • Partner with Leadershop to build build our eCoaching infrastructure web design, graphics, and other content

Follow Up

We would enjoy meeting and talking about how you can be involved in Leadershop Ministries.  Go to contact page or reach out to us on Facebook.