Knoxville Christian Counseling Mission

Helping You WIN the Fight of Your Life

Leadershop Ministries, Knoxville Christian Counseling and Coaching organization helps people win the fight of their lives.  

Addiction, marriage problems, restoring trust, personal fears, pain, identity, purpose, and life changes are some of the issues we have gotten involved in.  We all know people who had tough experiences.  Some emerged better and stronger while others were crushed.  We help people come out of tough experiences better and stronger than they started. 

Leadershop Vision

Leadershop began with a vision toward men and the people they love.  Most men prefer to solve their own problems but will seek help from those they trust and respect.  We get that so we try to keep it real and live authentically.  While most of our work is from a home-office we also do walk and talk, outdoor activities, personal challenges, training seminars, and small group experiences.

Leadershop is a Place

Leadershop is a place where people…

  • Learn and grow
  • Undergo routine maintenance and major repairs
  • Get real and live authentically
  • Develop and implement 3 qualities of complete leadership

Leadershop Ministry

Leadershop is a non-profit Christian Counseling Ministry.