strong recovery

Financial Recovery

Financial Recovery The series continues with a discussion of financial recovery.  This is an area of Strong Recovery that is often overlooked.  People experience a sense of loss and regret from financial expectations and a strong financial recovery helps manage risks and is something they can feel good about. But there is a trap and…

Strong Recovery

Relational Recovery

Relational Recovery How We Relate to People, Places, and Things. Our series on Strong Recovery continues with relational recovery. How we relate to people, places, and things changes with addiction.  Strong Recovery restores a proper and healthy balance to the way we relate to everything.  We call this Relational Recovery and it’s a key element…

New Heart

Emotional Recovery

Emotional Recovery Strong recovery requires emotional healing and emotional recovery. Addiction is a common way to sooth life’s injuries.  Hurt people, hurt people.  With all of this hurt comes an emotional toll.  Shame, guilt, resentment, depression, regret, sadness, and anger are just a few of the emotions we can suffer.  The injuries and suffering will…


Mental Recovery

Mental recovery works in conjunction with intellectual recovery to achieve new results.  Align your mental world with your recovery goal for strong recovery. Mental Recovery Last week we discussed an intellectual recovery. It was stated that the problems we face cannot be solved with the same level of thinking that created them. It was about…

Strong Recovery

Intellectual Recovery

Intellectual Recovery A Strong Recovery is an Intellectual Recovery The world is filled with unlimited information at your fingertips.  Yet making meaning and decisions from this data can prove difficult.  The fight of our lives has a way of knocking us up side the head and it leaves us dazed and confused. When was the last…

Strong Physical Recovery

Strong Physical Recovery Physical recovery from defects, issues, damage, and addictions takes time. 12 Elements of a strong recovery can help you win the fight of your life. At the end of a fight you are exhausted and beat up. Your energy reserves, tolerance for pain, and willingness to take on another round are gone….

Twelve Steps to Strong Recovery

Twelve Steps to Strong Recovery The Road to Strong Recovery The road to a strong recovery is often a bumpy one.  Our expectations can be like a smooth high speed expressway but the reality is early recovery is more like a logging road filled with pot holes and dangerous obstacles.  When the fight of your…

Real Recovery

Real Recovery

Real Recovery Finding Real Recovery Many people struggle along for years not finding real recovery.  They are trapped in a search for a goal that just doesn’t feel real.  In many cases they can recite the slogans but don’t report the joy of new life in recovery. Consequently recovery doesn’t feel real or seem possible….

Strong Anchors

Counseling In A Storm

Counseling In A Storm When people come to me they are in a furious storm of life.  Things are usually so bad it really is the fight of their lives.  People have some tools that have worked in the past but don’t seem to be as useful as they once were.  Let me illustrate with…

Recovery Effort

Recovery Is A Team Effort

Recovery Is A Team Effort “Recovery is the most selfish thing you will ever do.” You either love or hate this saying.  I want to respond by saying, “there is no “I” in recovery but addiction has two of them”. People see how active addiction is selfish. They feel guilt, shame, and condemnation for it….