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Partner with Leadershop

Give Love Give Hope

Partner with us, It’s a two way street.

All ministry flows from God’s generosity. We believe that you get more of what you focus on. This is our way of saying you reap what you sow. At Leadershop we want our interactions to be two way streets. We support ministries and we need support. For this reasons we seek partners in ministry.

Supporting Leadershop Ministries is so critical to our missions success. There are forces opposing what we are attempting to do. You can support us with prayer, referrals, financial donations, and networking partnerships. By doing this you can help someone win the fight of their lives. Without these supporting activities our ministry is limited to how many people we can help and the kind of impact we can have.  

Our goals this year include:

  • Helping You WIN the Fight of Your Life
  • Support people in ministry
  • Establishing partners and raising financial support
  • Inspiring every believer to fulfill their calling to lead
  • Providing services that are so helpful people thank God for them

Prayer Requests:

  • People in transitions need your prayers to help them develop and understand their identity, direction, and purpose
  • Married people need your prayers to help restore trust, unity, and connection
  • People who are addicted need your prayers to help them find freedom and support for recovery
  • Leadershop needs your prayers for protection and favor from God

Partnership Opportunities:

Would you like to partner on one of the following project(s): 

  • Host a workshop at your church or organization and help others win the fight of their lives
  • Partner with Leadershop to deliver our content online through web design, graphics, and other content

Follow Up

Contact Leadershop Ministries, to discuss how you can be involved in helping others win the fight of their lives.

Financial Support

Please consider supporting Leadershop Ministries with financial donations. By giving to Leadershop you make it possible for a person in need to receive our tailor made services.