Relationship Rescue Full Review

Dr Phil's Book

I am not a professional book reviewer but my reputation is at stake when I suggest a book or activity for a client. I take my reputation and recommendations seriously. More importantly I don’t want to lead someone down a dangerous road. Because of this, any recommendation must be specific to a person’s needs. In this case, I don’t know you. You will have to make up your own mind and decide if this has potential value for you and if the risks are worth taking. I have not been paid for this review.

Necessary Conditions to Rescue Your Relationship

This is the book of lists and exercises and it’s a lot of work.  According to Dr. Phil, “If your relationship is on the struggle bus; you are doing it wrong.”  Evidently the process for fixing it is a lot of work.  As an agent seeking Relationship Rescue there are 7 processes you must accept IF you are going to be responsible for your relationship.  These 7 conditions make effectiveness a possibility with therapy and Dr. Phil is asking you to get the right attitude from the start.  Dr. Phil likes to have everyone check themselves.  “Fixing a relationship means a lot more than fixing your partner…there is no need for you to approach this rescue mission from the perspective of straightening your partner out.  You’ve got a lot of work to do.”  Seriously, look at these 7 things and do some soul searching, can you do this?  If you are hurt, in pain, feeling resentful or bitter then this is a tough ask. Can you:

  1. forget what you think you know about managing relationships?
  2. decide to measure the quality of your relationship based on results instead of intentions or promises?
  3. decide that you would rather be happy than right?
  4. stop playing the blame game and recognize that it is a new day?
  5. be willing to move your position on how you approach and engage your partner?
  6. be willing to get real and be honest with yourself, about yourself, no matter how painful it is?
  7. stop the denial and be completely, totally honest about the state of your current relationship?

When You Know Better You Do Better: Ask a Lot of Questions

  • Personal Concepts Profile: 42 questions
  • Relationship Health Profile: 62 questions
  • General Relationship Profile: 10 Questions
  • Specific Relationship Problem Profile: 19 Questions
  • Your Partner Behavior Profile: 10 Questions
  • Your Behavior Profile: 10 Questions
  • Relationship Lifestyle Profile: 19 Questions
  • Relationship Communication Test: 23 Questions
  • Chemistry Test: 10 Questions
  • 10 Characteristics of a Bad Spirit
  • 10 Personal Relationship Values

The Three Step Formula for Success: Identify Your Needs, Discover the Needs of Your Partner, Apply the Information to Rescue your Relationship

Identifying Your Needs

  • Emotional Needs: 16 Questions
  • Physical Needs: 9 Questions
  • Spiritual Needs: 4 Questions
  • Social Needs: 12 Questions
  • Security Needs: 9 Questions

Discovering Your Partner’s Needs

  • Partner Awareness Quiz: 20 Questions
  • Family History: 47 Questions
  • Relationship History: 8 Questions
  • Other Relationship History: 19 Questions
  • Partner’s Attitude of Approach: 14 Questions
  • Partner’s Frustration Set: 18 Questions
  • Success, Failure, and Loss: 6 Questions
  • Occupational and Financial Concerns: 4 Questions
  • Mind and Body Issues: 11 Questions
  • Principles and Priorities: 17 Questions

Applying the Information to Rescue Your Relationship

10 Steps to Reconnecting: This means sharing all the previous soul searching

14 Days of behavior programming to be honest and loving toward your spouse.  This program is designed to be a “talk session” with your spouse where you share the things you have work on through all the previous soul searching questions.

5 Types of Relationship Management: This is not problem solving.  Dr. Phil does not attempt to turn men into women or women into men.  He recognizes gender differences and outlines some styles with which we tend to manage our relationships.

My goal was to read every word, do every assessment, test, quiz, and exercise.  As I said, this is a book filled with lists, exercises, and things to do. There are over 500 questions and directives in the course of the book.  It seemed overwhelming.  I did not complete my goal. Other things, including 9 other books, were more important for me to do. Therapy is probably less time consuming and just as in depth, but it will cost more money.  Since I got this at the used bookstore for $2.50 it may be a great value for someone who doesn’t have the resources for a therapist.

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