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Develop a Strategy

Everyone’s life is filled with issues that demand resolution. These issues include anxiety, depression, alcohol problems, addiction, infidelity, trust, anger, isolation, resentment, and pain. Issues like this just don’t go away, they become the fight of your life. Leadershop provides counseling and coaching services for individuals, couples, families, and groups focused on marriage, addiction recovery, and personal leadership. In the end, how these issues are handled determines what your life looked like, what you cared about, what you accomplished, and the meaning of it all. What’s your strategy for dealing with the problems in your life?

Counseling Services

Counseling and coaching services help you win the fight of your life while you’re trying to live it. All services are tailored made to fit. The fees for our services range from $30 to $150.

Marriage Counseling

Repair, restore, and revive your marriage in the midst of daily life. Marriage counseling can help you survive infidelity, resentments, or addiction and become connected like never before. Learn More.

Alcohol & Drug Counseling

Enhance your whole life at any stage of recovery. Break free from alcohol and drug problems while establishing recovery in your daily life. Learn More.

Individual Counseling & Coaching

We help people go beyond problems to live the life they love with passion and purpose. Counseling can make a difference in you, so that you can make the difference only you can make. Making a difference is the heart of Personal Leadership. Beat depression, anxiety, alcoholism, guilt and shame. Get out of pain and find your purpose and passion. Learn More.

Group Counseling & Small Group Experiences

Group counseling and coaching experiences can help you win the fight of your life while connected with other people. The circles in which we live, work, and play are powerful experiences that shape and direct our lives. Groups capture the social influence and power in a dynamic way to propel you toward your goal. Learn More.

Education & Training

To help people win the fight of their lives we provide education and training opportunities. We work with people and organizations that want to experience the Leadershop difference. Learn More.

Free Phone Consultation

Getting help is easy

Stop What You Are Doing and Call

We want to make getting help easy. Your phone call establishes rapport, reduces your anxiety, increases hope, and gets you moving forward. It is confidential. Stop what you are doing and call.