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Leadershop Counseling Services

Marriage crisis, addiction, and life transitions can really take us by surprise.  These surprises can turn things upside down, put us through the ringer, and hurt us deeply.  Learning to recover, fight back, and restore our lives takes courage, support, and new skills.  Our services can help you begin the process no matter how defeated you might feel. We want to offer hope and encouragement as you take on the fight of your life.

When people are in a crisis they don’t feel like contenders, champions, or winners.  At Leadershop we want to change that.  We will start by listening to what you have been through and dealt with, we will look for things that have worked and things that didn’t work so well.  Then we will develop an approach to help you move forward in the best way possible.  This will be a collaborative conversation.  One of the most important things for a successful outcome is that we have a good working rapport.


Leadershop services include: Counseling, Coaching, Workshops, and Free Resources to help you win the fight of your life. These resources will help you with Marriage, Addiction, Life Transitions, and Personal Leadership. For more information on each service follow the link.

Free Resources

Go to our downloads page to find Leadershop Challenges, eBooks, Skill Building Exercises, and bible study resources.

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Life 101

Life 101 Workshop is the school of hard knox made easier.  This workshop is what we all should have been taught in school.  Follow the link for more details on Life 101.

Marriage Enrichment

Marriage Enrichment Workshops are for married couples who want to enhance and grow in their marriage.  For more information on Marriage Enrichment Workshops.


Alcohol & Drug Assessments

A & D Assessments or “evaluations” are often mandated by an employer, a professional certifying agency, or court mandated in various routine matters.  More information on A & D Assessments.

Addiction & Recovery Counseling

Addiction & Recovery Counseling has many levels of care based on medical needs, resources, and circumstances.  Our services are private and tailored to your needs.  We are not a program.  Learn more about Addiction & Recovery Services here.  

Individual, Marriage & Family Counseling

Leadershop offers counseling for individuals, couples, and families.  About Leadershop Counseling Services


Leadershop Coaching

Leadershop offers coaching for very small groups of 4-5 people looking to grow this year.  Learn more about Leadershop Coaching Services.

Hard Knox Coaching

Hard Knox Coaching is our 20 somethings Life Coaching Ministry.  Reach your next level faster with Hard Knox Coaching you can gain experience the better way with outdoor activities, one on one life coaching, and ongoing support.  Learn more about Hard Knox Coaching.

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