About Leadershop Coaching Services

What is Leadershop Coaching

Everyone has been given a gift, how you choose to invest it will make a difference in the world. Life Coaching helps you invest your gift.  By doing this we find purpose and meaning in a world of opportunities. We believe that personal leadership precedes all other forms of leadership. Without personal growth and self discipline your influence is so limited it feels like life is standing still. Leadershop coaching is about helping people perform their very best at every opportunity and what to do when they don’t.

Who We Coach

We coach leaders; especially if you don’t think you are one. All our clients have had failures. They flunked some classes, got fired from a job, or made some bad choices that woke them up. God loves using our failures as a wake-up call.

Our favorite coaching clients want to grow.  Leadership is influence; by exercising influence over yourself you develop the skills to make things happen.  We love working with people who want to invest who they are into the world.

We enjoy spending time with interesting and dynamic people.  These qualities are not always obvious but every single one of our coaching clients is aware of a desperate desire to do more and be more.  They feel compelled.  We believe this is because God has called everyone to a life of purpose.

Our clients enjoy the time and experience they share with other clients through social media and live events.

We coach people who want to answer the call.

Where We Work

Life Coaching is an exciting experience that transforms everyone involved.  Whether hiking a trail in East Tennessee, drilling down our goals over some BBQ, or staying motivated by phone, text, or email where we work is always an experience designed to help you reach the next level.  We choose locations that inspire, teach, and support coaching to the next level.

Structure of Coaching Services

Our coaching is structured around your goals, aspirations, and desires.  We work with you to establish the clearest possible vision and course of action.  We do not have pre-made cookie cutter activities.  You are unique.  No one is like you.  As a result our coaching looks different for each small group we work with.

Imagine a small group of 4-5 people who come together with the purpose of reaching the next level.  They have many goals and a guide to assist them in their journey.  They share stories, dreams, ideas, and they train their mental, emotional, and spiritual disciplines.  By developing influence over their personal desires, and executing goal directed behavior our clients reach or exceed the next level.

Coaching Groups

Hard Knox Coaching

Life Coaching Millennials

Hard Knox Coaching is our 20 somethings Life Coaching Ministry.  It includes dynamic experiences of outdoor events, personal life coaching, and ongoing support.  Reach your next level faster with Hard Knox Coaching, gain experience the better way.  Minimum 6 months commitment required.

Expectations for Coaching

  • Be Willing
  • Try Hard
  • Embrace the process

Fees For Coaching Services

  • $150/mo
    • Invitation to group event (monthly)
    • In-person life coaching session (2 hours monthly)
    • Weekly support and encouragement (phone or text)
    • Enrolled in private Facebook group

Getting Started Takes 1 Step

Ask for a coach.  We’ll handle the rest.

All coaching clients complete a phone interview.  This helps us assess the best fit for you and gives you a preview of what coaching conversations are like. If you aren’t totally excited about Leadershop Coaching after this phone call then you shouldn’t work with us.  Ask4coach@LeadershopMinistries.com