About Leadershop Counseling Services

At Leadershop our Counseling Services are tailored to you.  This page will explain where we work, the structure of sessions, and our fees for services.  Leadershop is not a program where everyone is processed the same way like a mass marketed assembly line.  You are a unique individual and we want to get to know you.  Rapport is the greatest predictor of counseling success so we will seek to understand you and your goals before we work on things.  To do otherwise would be disrespectful.  We offer a Free Phone Consultation to try and address this issue upfront and before you invest time, energy and resources.

Where We Work

We work from a home-office with a dog in a down-to-earth neighborhood.  This helps us create a private, confidential, and safe environment while reducing the stigma of going to a clinic.  We see people between 830am and 130pm.

Structure of Counseling Sessions

Most people contact us for counseling because they are in a crisis.  For this reason, we try to see new clients as soon as possible.  Initial sessions are scheduled for 90 minutes.  This lets you share your story, answer some assessment questions, and get a plan for crisis resolution.  For some people this is a stressful activity and they find it helpful to get the questions ahead of time.  This lets them be more thoughtful and prepared to talk.  For a new client packet, click here.

Counseling is scheduled at an interval that fits your level of need and life circumstances.  Some couples need twice a week to save their marriage, but most people meet once a week for a few weeks and then drop to every other week, and eventually drop to monthly for the last few sessions.  This tapered approach ensures that the changes made are incorporated into the midst of daily life.

Fees for Counseling Services

Initial sessions are 90 minutes long and cost $150.  Regular sessions are 45-60 minutes long and cost $100.  Evening sessions are reserved for those people who are transitioning from every other week to monthly.  There is a waiting list for these sessions so if your schedule doesn’t allow daytime sessions I must charge a premium fee of $120.  These sessions are scheduled at 6 or 630pm.

We accept cash, check, or credit cards for your convenience.  We do not work with insurance.

Counseling services are:

  • Tailored to you.
  • Sessions are private, confidential, and safe.
  • Initial sessions are 90 minutes @ $150
  • Regular sessions are 45-60 minutes @ $100
  • Evening sessions are 45-60 minutes @ $120
  • We accept cash, check, and credit cards.
  • No Insurance