A and D Assessments


A & D Assessments are more formally known as Alcohol and Drug Assessments or “evaluations”. These evaluations are typically mandated or required by an employer, a professional certifying agency, or court mandated in various routine matters. A professional will evaluate in two ways, first in conversation and then by some form of test. The conversation is to learn about you so the answers from your test make sense. An evaluation tries to answer a few basic questions about alcohol and drug use.

  • Does this person use drugs or alcohol?
  • How much does the person use drugs or alcohol?
  • Is this level of use a problem?
  • Is detox, treatment, or other help recommended?
  • Is this person aware of the risks associated with their use?
  • What types of motivation support more use and/or making changes?

Finding a qualified professional (Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor or LADC) to conduct an assessment may be difficult in your area.


At Leadershop our assessments are conducted by Todd Davis, PhD. MFT, LADC. An assessment takes about 90 minutes for the interview and testing. A written report will be delivered to you, which you can provide to your employer, certifying agency, or attorney.  It can also be delivered directly to the agency for your convenience.

The cost for an assessment is $150

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